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What is a College Preparatory Program?

For most of us,enjoying success in a career is a big part of the “American Dream.” And formost people, the best way to achieve that success is with a great education.Education is the cornerstone of our society, giving people the tools they needto make an impact and, perhaps, inspire change. If you are a parent, you knowthat a quality education is the best path to your teen up for a bright future.This is why you may want to consider a college preparatory program.

What is acollege preparatory program? A college preparatory program is a program thatprepares students for their future college coursework, while still attendinghigh school. The mix of traditional high school courses, combined with higheracademic standards, is designed to establish a solid foundation for teens asthey get ready for their future college careers.

一道本不卡免费高清The transitionto college can be an overwhelming experience for high schoolers, which is why acollege preparatory school can help make that adjustment easier. Students aretaught by real college professors who follow a real college syllabus – givingthem an early taste of what will be expected of them in their college courses.In taking these college courses, students can develop important skills neededfor postsecondary success, such as:

  • Timemanagement
  • Goodstudy habits
  • Independence
  • Organization
  • Self-discipline
  • Self-motivation

Collegepreparatory programs often use block scheduling, helping students adjust tolonger class times that they will experience in college. They also place focuson big exams and presentations, which students will need to prepare for attheir future college or university of choice. There is much more responsibilityplaced on the student of a college preparatory program. Independent study isemphasized, allowing teens to find the best methods of learning for themselves.

College canalso be an overwhelming social experience, as well. With an early college preparatory high school, students can connect with fellowstudents at the same level, online and on-campus, just as they would incollege.

Here in the UnitedStates, college preparatory programs may be found in public, private, andcharter schools. The term “college prep school” is typically associated withelite institutions that come with very selective admissions and steep tuitioncosts. But there is another way to prepare your student for theirpostsecondary education.

一道本不卡免费高清A college highschool – also known as an early college high school – gives students theopportunity to earn real college credit in high school. Much like a collegepreparatory program, college high schools offer an early college model ofeducation for students looking for preparation. One of the top choices forcollege high school for students in the Greater Hartford area is ConnecticutRiver Academy.

ConnecticutRiver Academy offers students the chance to earn college credit in high school一道本不卡免费高清, without the additional tuitioncosts. Not only do students have their choice of a full range of high schoolcourses, they can also earn up to 30 transferable college credits. This helpssave on long-term costs of attending college, while simultaneously preparingthem for the years ahead.

At ConnecticutRiver Academy, the curriculum is centered around sustainability and teachingstudents the importance of making responsible choices in areas like economy,society, and nature. As an early college magnet school, CTRA is centered aroundthe themes of environmental and manufacturing studies, helping students furthertheir passions and skillsets in these and related subjects.

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