clinical ota internship opportunities

Chapter 126 – Clinical Internships for the OTA Program

Goodwin College and Creative Development, LLC: Community Partnerships and the Chapter 126 Occupational Therapy Assistant Program

一道本不卡免费高清Since January 2019, students enrolled in Goodwin College’sOccupational Therapy Assistant Program have been pairing with CreativeDevelopment, LLC, an occupational therapy company for children, Chapter 126 tocomplete their clinical internships. The OTA clinical program meets at Chapter126 Sports & Fitness site, an adaptive recreational center for those withphysical disabilities. In this community-centered internship program, GoodwinOTA interns address an array of client health and wellness concerns.

“Chapter 126 wasfantastic!” Casey Saunders of the Goodwin College OTA Program shared. “I had the opportunity to interact with avariety of groups that had different limitations and needs…We worked onbuilding relationships with the clients to help them feel more comfortable…modeling the task at hand while standing next to them to ensure their safetyand understanding.”

Affiliating with Creative Development, LLC provides studentsthe opportunity to work with exercisephysiologists, fitness professionals, teachers, paraprofessionals, andorganizations like The Miracle League to serve locals with limitations anddisabilities. Supervised by seasoned occupational therapists, students are ableto apply the skills they learned across their academic curriculum at Goodwin.During their clinical internships, students are able to observe, evaluate, andcomplete home assessments— recommending environmental and equipment changes. Theyalso have the opportunity to work with clients on abilities like fine motorskills, balance, and strength. Interns completing their OTA clinicals alsofacilitate participation in veteran’s programs and, with experienced staff, co-leadgroups to improve the conditioning of clients with conditions like Alzheimer’sdisease and Multiple Sclerosis.

“I would recommend Chapter 126 to any student,” Alan Riopelli Jr, COTA/L endorsed. “[Theprogram] opens your eyes and mind to a whole different world beyond regulartherapy. The experience at Chapter 126 really made me think outside the box… Inthe small amount of time I was there, I feel I helped the client’s… facilitateand maximize their independence. Chapter 126 was an extraordinary experience.”

一道本不卡免费高清By collaborating together at Chapter 126, both GoodwinCollege and Creative Development, LLC teamed-up to make supporting research,establishing programs, and connecting communities possible.