Should I Go Back to School for Accounting?

Accountingis an essential component of every business. Without accounting professionals,invoices might not get processed, tax documents might not be compliant, andemployees might not get paid. As a result, accounting and finance relatedskills are always in demand一道本不卡免费高清. Especially when hiring foradministrative positions, employers place high value on candidates with somebackground in business and accounting.

Due to itsvalue and versatility, an accounting degree is a common choice for individualslooking to go back to school. If you are seeking a career change, or looking toadvance in your current role or company, an accounting degree can be your ticket forward. Going back to school foraccounting can translate to:

  • In-depthanalytical skills
  • Enhancedproblem-solving and critical-thinking skills
  • Technologicalskills, including vast knowledge of industry software like Quickbooks and Excel
  • Abilityto gather, organize, report, measure, and assess financial data 
  • Heightenedawareness of professional and ethical standards
  • Professional accountingcertifications, suchas a nationally-recognized bookkeeping certification

It can alsomean more job prospects and stability to your career. No matter the state ofthe economy, there will always be a need for accounting professionals –accountants, bookkeepers, auditing clerks, payroll specialists, and more.Companies need these experts to analyze and organize their financial documentson a regular basis.

The beautyof going back to school for accounting is that it also does not limit you to atypical accounting career or workplace. These proficiencies – such asorganizational, analytical, and problem-solving skills – will be valued in anarray of organizations and industries. Of course, an accounting degree can alsolead to specific accounting jobs, if those are what’s calling you.

Theaccounting careers you can pursue will depend on the level of degree youattain. Generally, certified accountants require at least a bachelor’s degreein the field, which takes about four years to complete. Some alternative accounting professions, such as the role of a Bookkeeper orAccounting and Auditing Clerk, only require an associate degree in the field(about two years to complete).

If you arealready in the workforce and in a steady career, the thought of going back toschool can feel like a difficult step. At the same time, however, you know itis the right move to make for your career. That is why, if you do not yet havea college degree, you might consider the associate degree route. An associate degree in accounting一道本不卡免费高清 can take less than two years tocomplete, and will provide you with a variety of skillsets and career outcomesthat might not otherwise be available to you.

And yes, wedid say less than two years. Accelerated accounting programs allow youto complete your degree in faster than average time. At Goodwin College, forexample, accounting students can take classes in a 7.5-week format, enabling them to complete theirassociate degree in half the typical time.

If youalready have your associate degree, and are looking to go back to school foryour bachelor’s, there are also options for you that don’t require four yearsin college. For example, many entry-level accounting pros will pursue the Professional Studies degree一道本不卡免费高清 at Goodwin College, which is abachelor’s degree completion program designed for already-working adults. Thisprogram can be completed in as little as 12-months full-time, resulting in abachelor’s degree and meaningful experiences along the way. Students in thisprogram work to enhance their current professional capabilities and prepare foradvancement opportunities by customizing their course schedule. So if you arealready working in accounting but looking to step up or stand out, this programcould be tailored to you.

In additionto the accelerated and short-term options available at Goodwin College, manyaccounting-related courses can be completed online, for added convenience. Thismeans you can more easily balance your day-job and home obligations withschool. We understand the difficulty of going back to school after establishingyourself in a job or at home, so it is our goal to offer programs that workwith your scheduling needs.

Tolearn about the accounting courses offered at Goodwin College, or how you canlevel up your career with one of our flexible degree programs, please do nothesitate to reach out. Call 800-889-3282 or visit us online to request more information.